As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report, heart disease is the prime killer of both men and women in the United States and around the globe. There are several data mining techniques that can be leveraged by researchers/ statisticians to help health care professionals determine heart disease and its potential causes. Some of the significant risk factors associated with heart disease are age, blood pressure, total cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension, family history of heart disease, obesity, lack of physical exercise, etc.

In this project from Data Camp, the objective of my project is to build a regression model…

With a myriad of programming languages/ technologies available at our disposal today, we see that every language undoubtedly has its peculiarity and complexity. It is essential to know which languages are expanding and which ones are shrinking to get a better idea of the languages worth investing time in.

In this project from Datacamp, the main objective is to leverage the data extracted from Stack Overflow and visualize it using ggplot2, dplyr and readr to obtain an approximate idea of how many people are using a particular technology. …

In a span of just few months, COVID-19 quickly transcended from being an epidemic to a pandemic bringing the whole world to a standstill. As a fresh graduate in Business Analytics, I considered applying my visualization skills in R to visualize the data provided by the John Hopkins University Center for Systems Science and Engineering to understand deeper about how this virus snowballed from being an epidemic in China in December 2019 to a global pandemic in March 2020.

This project primarily targets the initial notable events of the COVID wave that began in December 2019 to pinpoint the exact…

Sailee Mene

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